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Analitika Expo 2020 (Russia)

Analitika Expo 2020 (Russia)

Analitika Expo is the largest international exhibition of laboratory equipment and reagents and number one in Russia for analytical chemistry. It is the most effective trade show for leading manufacturers and suppliers to introduce and promote their expert products in a prospective Russian market. The annual exhibition attracts visitors from R&D, chemical, pharmaceuticals, health care, medicine, diagnostics, environmental protection, food industry, oil and gas. All of them are looking to connect directly with innovative product suppliers and manufactures. The list of Analitika Expo exhibitors includes such well-known companies as Analytik Jena, Bruker, IKA-Werke, Koettermann, Leco, Liebherr, Memmert, Merck, Rigaku, Waters and many others.

Number of exhibitors: 238 from 19 countries, 28% are foreign companies Number of visitors: 6 069 specialists from 19 countries and 65 regions of Russia Total Exhibition area: 8 477 sq. m.

Sections of the exhibition

Laboratory equipment and instruments
Analitika Expo presents the laboratory equipment and analytical instruments for scientific, research and control laboratories of oil refining, chemical, gas, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.
:- Laboratory equipment
:- Laboratory furniture
:- Devices for electrochemical measurements

Laboratory furniture
The range of laboratory furniture presented at Analytica Expo meets the needs of any laboratory.
Exhibitors will offer complete solutions for equipping your laboratory by furniture :
:- tables physical, chemical tables , desks physical island , the island chemical tables , desks , laboratory low / high , tables for titration, tables for microscopy, sink benches , tables for scales
:- exhaust fume hoods, special laboratory cabinets, cabinets for appliances , cabinets for glassware , filing cabinets , wardrobes , hoods for chemical reagents , chemical fume cabinets, shelves and cabinets mounted
:- laboratory chairs, stools and more.

Laboratory glassware and consumables
At Analitika Expo exhibition manufacturers of glassware offer everything needed for analysis, preparation of reagents, synthesis product, studding of substances and compounds.
Visitors will be able to choose the materials, glassware and consumables that require constant replacement, depending on the type of research and the range of tasks.
:- Laboratory dishes and glass accessories
:- Laboratory dishes and tableware made of plastic
:- Laboratory dishes and tableware made of porcelain
:- Consumables

Chemical reagents
Domestic and foreign manufacturers at Analitika Expo presents:
:- Chromatography materials (adsorbents, solutions, columns, plates)
:- Indicators, standard models, custom reagents
:- Highly purified chemicals

Laboratory research automation facilities
In the last few years there is a tendency to equip laboratories with modern automated equipment to improve work efficiency in the Russian way of solving such problems as:
:- optimization of the laboratory in order to increase its cost-effectiveness and quality of the results;
:- getting rid of unproductive routine work and as a consequence of a decrease in time spent on research;

54% 3 248 Influence buying decisions for products and services presented at the exhibition
65% 3 909 Plan to make a purchase of products on results of visiting Analitika Expo
65% 3 909 Visited Analitika Expo to find new suppliers and business partners
68% 4 090 Visited Analitika Expo to find out about new products and services
70% 4 210 Visited conferences and exhibitor’s seminar

Contact details

Analitika Expo 2020(Russia)
21 - 24 April 2020
Crocus Expo – Moscow, Russia
Organiser : ITE Moscow
Telephone : + 971 4 568 73 84

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