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BuildTech 2020

Building equipment and technologies - BuildTech 2020

BuildTech – the main construction exhibition of Uzbekistan
Specialized Exposition Construction Machinery and Technologies – BuildTech 2020 held as part of the 20th International Exhibition Construction – WorldBuild Tashkent/UzBuild Tashkent 2019..

The BuildTech exposition will offer the exponents the unique opportunity to meet with professionals from all over the world and become more aware of the opportunities for business development in Uzbekistan. An additional advantage of the BuildTech exhibition is its being held alongside Uzbekistan WorldBuild Tashkent / Uzbuild Tashkent, the leading construction exhibition

The exhibition is annually visited by the management of the industry’s leading companies, importers, and distributors. They have an opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of construction products and find partners.

The specialized exposition Construction Machinery and Technologies - BuildTech 2019 is going to show a wide range of large-size construction machinery.


Road Construction:
Crushing and crushing & grading plants
Bitumen concrete & cement concrete plants and laying complexes
Construction of roads and road complexes
Road-building technologies, equipment, and tools
Diagnostics and quality control of roadway maintenance works
Asphalt paving materials and lubricants

Special-Purpose Machinery. Component Parts. Equipment:
Engines and generators
Road-building and excavating machinery
Utility machinery
Construction machinery
Tunnel boring machines
Technologies, equipment, and materials for aerodrome construction, repair, and maintenance
Special-purpose machinery and equipment for aerodrome ground terminal services
Hoisting-and-conveying machinery; cranes
Drilling, pile-driving, and excavating equipment; tools
Excavators, loaders, graders, bulldozers, tractors, mini excavators
Maintenance vehicles
Spare and component parts for machinery and equipment
Compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
Conveyors, manipulating equipment
Machinery and materials for road repair and maintenance
Measuring equipment, surveying instruments

Equipment for production of construction materials:
Production of cement and lime & gypsum compounds for construction materials
Machines and equipment for production of concrete, concrete products, and prefabricated components
Machines and equipment for asphalt production
Machines and equipment for production of pre-blended dry mortars, plasters, and screeds
Machinery and equipment for production of lime-sandstone
Machinery and equipment for production of plaster and plasterboard
Processing and packaging of construction materials

Contact details

BuildTech 2020
25-28 February 2020
Uzexpocentre - Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Organiser : ITE Uzbekistan
Telephone : + 971 4 568 73 87
Email :

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